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Is Telemedicine Right For You?

Of course it is! Telemedicine is loosely defined as, delivery of health care services remotely, with the use of telecommunications devices. Your home phone can be used to receive telemedicine services! Other devices and means are becoming more and more useful in delivering and receiving direct medical care. Smart Phones, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets and iPads, can all be used to send and receive Secured Messages and Perform Video Visits.

Come on! It's 2019, let's all step into the future!

As your Family Doctor, I plan to help guide you to Wellness utilizing the latest technology and Virtual Visits. However, I can not forget my roots! In my opinion the best care includes a personal touch. While I do not have a physical location. I am excited to offer In-Home Comprehensive Medical Review and Physical Examination.

Lastly, my model is that WE ARE NOT OUR GENES! While family history is important in determining health risks, WE MUST NOT STOP THERE! We all have the power to affect positive change in our spiritual, mental, physical, and social lives. Work with me to help you HEAL THYSELF!

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